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MAN Delivered New TGX in Asian Cold-chain Logistics Expo


June 18, 2021, Shanghai, China, Asian International Cold-chain Logistics and Technical Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Asian Cold-chain Logistics Expo”) was held in Shanghai from June 16 to 18. MAN Commercial Vehicles was invited to the expo, communicated with over 400 enterprises about the future of domestic cold-chain industry and delivered a batch of new generation TGX to Dalian Lianchuan Logistics Co., Ltd. to help decrease cost and increase transportation efficiency.

As the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, road transportation case supplier and partner of cold-chain logistics industry, MAN Commercial Vehicles introduced MAN new generation TGX, MAN TCO vehicle full life circle cost management and other new products, technology and solutions that meet domestic cold-chain logistics industry development.

Relying on effective, safe and reliable new products and technology, MAN Commercial Vehicles has reached strategic cooperation with several customers within cold-chain logistics industry, helping them further decrease cost, increase efficiency and achieve sustainable development goal. As early as 2020, Fresh Life Cold-chain Logistics Co., Ltd. under New Hope Group reached strategic cooperation with MAN Commercial Vehicles, decided to bring in MAN TGX series to accelerate cold-chain delivery high-efficiency operation. Till now, two batches of MAN TGX highly effective tractors and a batch of MAN new TGX have been introduced.

On the expo, MAN Commercial Vehicles not only held new generation TGX delivery ceremony with Dalian Lianchuan Logistics Co., Ltd., but also reached strategic cooperation with Grand Farm Group, and MAN new generation TGX will serve as special vehicles for accelerating supply chain upgrade of Grand Farm.

In the future, MAN Commercial Vehicles will work together with more cold-chain logistics enterprises to provide digital road transportation solutions and help customers with efficient operation and development.

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