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200 Units Foton New Energy Vehicles were Delivered to Meicai

Date:2021-08-25 Author:Grace

August 25, 2021, Beijing, China, On August 20, 200 units Foton Zhilan new energy vehicles were delivered to Meicai, which will be mainly used in delivery service for restaurants and organs canteens.

Wang Yujing, vice general manager of Foton Zhilan New Energy Sales Co., Ltd. noted, “The delivered VAN vehicles are customized for Meicai in short-distance delivery. Zhilan integrated new energy solutions earned market and customers’ recognition. Besides, Zhilan light-duty truck’s sales volume ranked top in the first half of 2021, and was the only one with over 1,000 units sales within the industry.”

It is known that Foton Zhilan made customized upgrades aimed at Meicai delivery. First, CATL power battery has longer life span and lower energy consumption, and 50.23kW•h can meet 200km endurance demands; fast charge mode can meet temporary charging demands; the overall height is less than 2m, which can pass through basement and community exit easily and meet freshness demands for delivery.

We have known that Zhilan vehicles have been put into operation and earned customers’ high recognition. 

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