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Iveco Negative Pressure Ambulance Assists to Fight Against Epidemic in Shaanxi

Date:2022-01-11 Author:Rosy

January 11, 2022, Shaanxi, China, Lately, faced with the severe epidemic situation in Shaanxi, Iveco Ousheng negative pressure ambulances went on the battlefield again to fight against it with medical workers.

Iveco Ousheng negative pressure ambulances adopt completely upgraded negative pressure system, which has air-cleaning, stable negative pressure, regular air flow, centralized sterilization, efficient filtration, safe emission and other features. Matched with negative pressure stretcher, the ambulance can avoid cross infection and pollution to outside air to the largest extent and guarantee medical worker’s health and safety.

In 2021, Naveco not only sent Ousheng P2+ nucleic acid test vehicles to station in Nanjing South Railway Station and Lanzhou West Railway Station to help fight against the epidemic, but also delivered Ousheng negative pressure ambulances to Guangzhou Emergency Medical Command Center around the clock. More importantly, when the epidemic broke out in Yangzhou, a batch of Ousheng ambulances went to the frontline to stand together with medical workers and our people.

Since the breakout of COVID-19 in 2019, over 1,200 units Iveco medical treatment and epidemic prevention vehicles fought together with medical workers. In the future, Naveco will continue to upgrade products, take full advantage of Iveco intelligent customized platform and provide more intelligent, more efficient and more complete medical vehicles to health care industry.

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