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JMC Delivered Another 60 Units Negative Pressure Ambulances to Liaoning

Date:2022-04-07 Author:Grace

April 7, 2022, Liaoning, China, On April 5, 60 units JMC Quanshun negative pressure ambulances were delivered to Liaoning to help prevent and control the local epidemic. In addition to 40 units delivered on April 2, a total of 100 units negative pressure ambulances rushed to Liaoning.

Since April, the epidemic situation across the country has been severe, and the demand for negative pressure ambulances in Shanghai, Jilin, Liaoning and other places has risen sharply. As of April 5, JMC has received more than 2,800 orders for negative pressure ambulances. In order to ensure the high-quality and efficient delivery of orders, JMC urgently deployed production tasks, fully coordinated the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and worked overtime to put into production.

JMC negative pressure ambulance has the characteristics of good isolation, antiseptics, ventilation, and bacteriological resistance, which can safely isolate and transport patients with respiratory infections and minimize the chance of cross-infection between medical staff and patients.

It is also understood that 16 units negative pressure ambulances produced by JMC have arrived at Shanghai Pudong Emergency Center, contributing to the epidemic prevention and control.

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