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JSV Refrigerated Truck Ensures Safe and Effective Transportation of Vaccination

Date:2022-05-30 Author:Rosy

May 30, 2022, Jiangxi, China, With the deepening of vaccine research and development, large-scale vaccination has put forward higher requirements for cold chain storage and transportation equipment. Building a safety barrier for each vaccine is inseparable from vaccine cold chain transportation vehicles with reliable performance.

The JSV refitted vaccine cold chain vehicle adopts the original dual compressor remodeling mode to ensure the constant temperature process inner the truck. This mode has passed environmental simulation analysis and vehicle durability test, and its performance is stable and reliable, which fully guarantees the safety of vaccine transportation.

JSV vaccine cold chain transportation vehicle adopts the brand refrigerator with stable cooling, large cooling capacity and high temperature control accuracy, which can efficiently meet the needs of cold chain transportation in various scenarios.

The vehicle adopts the overall wireless communication technology, which can realize the functions of temperature and humidity monitoring, vehicle positioning, temperature recording, printing, alarm, curve display etc. throughout the whole process, and realize the comprehensive intelligent operation of the cold chain vehicle.

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