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Zoomlion Exported 200 Units High-end Equipment to Turkey

Date:2022-06-27 Author:Rosy

June 27, 2022, Tianjin, China, Recently, more than 200 units of Zoomlion high-end equipment set sail from Tianjin Port to Turkey, starting a new journey to help local construction. This shipment is the largest single-batch export order for China's construction machinery industry in recent years.

The 200 units equipment almost cover all types of construction machinery under Zoomlion, including construction hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, earth-moving machinery, aerial work machinery, etc.

Taking the pump truck as an example, Zoomlion takes a leading position in the industry in terms of volume, pressure and cloth height. Equipped with self-developed boom active vibration reduction system, the pump truck has more stable operation and higher accuracy.

Through key technologies such as machinery, electricity and hydraulics, Zoomlion ZE215E-10, ZE135E-10 and other excavators not only have high reliability, high stability and a long service life, but also help customers effectively control fuel consumption costs, which has strong competitiveness.

As for lifting machinery, Zoomlion's sales in 2021 topped the world, which proved the competitiveness of its products.

Kayim, the country manager of Zoomlion in Turkey, said: "Localization has always been an important strategy for Zoomlion's overseas development. Turkey, located along the 'Belt and Road' and across Europe and Asia, is an important bridgehead for Zoomlion to enter the European market, and also the focus of Zoomlion's overseas localization efforts."

Zoomlion will continue to create value for customers with high-quality products and equipment and professional and efficient services, contribute to the construction of various infrastructures in Turkey, and provide strong support for its rapid economic development.

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