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Naveco Ousheng rescue vehicles delivered to Inner Mongolia

Date:2022-07-07 Author:Eric

July 7, 2022, Inner Mongolia, Recently, Naveco delivered a batch of Ousheng rescue vehicles to the Inner Mongolia Emergency Management Department. Naveco Ousheng rescue vehicle has become a "work partner" for local firefighters due to its excellent carrying capacity, strong power and high safety.

IVECO Ousheng rescue vehicle adopts European chassis technology, and the chassis with the "girder" has a strong bearing capacity, which can carry more protective helmets, fire protection clothing, positive pressure air breathing apparatus, fire-resistant life ropes and other fire fighting equipment. It can be equipped with multi-mode air suspension, one-button adjustment of body height, excellent passability, and can cope with various complex terrains.

The rescue vehicle adopts F1 platinum power chain combination, which has a surging power output and ensures its strong climbing. At the same time, it is equipped with German ZF 8-speed manual gearbox, which has a higher transmission efficiency to helps firefighters to arrive at the rescue scene at the first time and ensure the safety of people's lives and property to the largest extent.

In addition, IVECO Ousheng rescue vehicle is equipped with ADAS intelligent driving assistance warning system, BOSCH ESP 9.3 electronic body stability system, Power plus braking system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, etc., which can provide multiple guarantees for the driving safety of the firefighters and the stability and safety of the vehicle can cope with a variety of sudden emergencies.

IVECO Ousheng rescue vehicle integrates safety, reliability, comfort and intelligence. It has undergone on-the-spot verification in a variety of working environments, and has demonstrated strong strength in emergency rescue and is widely praised by users.

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