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XCMG crawler cranes revitalize the "Roof of Africa" ​​

Date:2022-07-08 Author:Alice

July 8, 2022, Ethiopia, XCMG’s crawler cranes are operated in the largest single-machine capacity wind farm in Ethiopia, which is about to be successfully completed!

As the wind farm with the largest single-machine capacity in Ethiopia, the Aisha Wind Power Project, in which XCMG XGC500-I crawler cranes participated, has a total installed capacity of 120 MW, and currently has a power generation capacity of 40 MW. After completion, it will provide sufficient power supply for economic construction of the Asia-Djibouti Economic Corridor.

By adopting a large chassis design, XCMG XGC500-I is more stable, and the average ground pressure is small. It can work in different terrains whether in swamp, mountain, desert or hill.

Ethiopia regards new energy as an important strategy for national power development, and will become the largest wind power base in Africa, bringing new vitality to more deserts. Up to now, XCMG crawler cranes have also participated in 97% of the wind power construction in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, boosting the acceleration of global green energy development.

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