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XCMG aerial work platforms build world-class green petrochemical industry base

Date:2022-07-11 Author:Grace

July 11, 2022, Guangdong, China, Recently, more than 100 units XCMG aerial work platforms have been stationed in Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park in batches, helping the park to accelerate its development into a world-class green petrochemical industry highland.

At the construction site, XCMG's 24m, 26m, 28m, 34m and other straight and curved boom aerial work platforms fully participate in the cross operation of the pipe network installation.

XCMG Lingyun K series aerial work platform has the advantages of large loading capacity of 300/460kg, better control fretting and higher operation stability. Since put into construction, XCMG aerial work platform has not only ensured the safe construction of aerial work, but also greatly improved the operation efficiency with its excellent safety guarantee and operation performance.

Since the beginning of the flood season, continuous rainfall has caused more tense construction period and more complicated working environment. The aerial work platform needs to overcome the obstacles on the rough and muddy road to maintain stable and safe operation. Intelligent vibration reduction technology combined with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering as well as dynamic leveling technology effectively guarantees the safety and efficiency of construction operations.
At present, the major petrochemical projects in the park have entered a critical stage, and in the next six months, more XCMG aerial work platforms will be stationed.

With excellent operation stability and product quality, XCMG aerial work platforms are bound to become the main force in the construction of Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park, contributing to the rise of "super projects".

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