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Infore Enviro's 60 units new energy sanitation vehicles entered European market

Date:2022-07-15 Author:Rosy

July 15, 2022, Europe, Recently, 60 units new energy waste collection and transportation vehicles independently developed by Infore Environment Technology set off to the European continent to provide new sanitation product solutions for European environmental improvement.

Infore Environment solidly promotes the high-quality development of new energy sanitation vehicles, and its product quality has been highly recognized at home and abroad. The new energy waste collection and transport truck delivered to Europe is built by Infore Environment overseas company based on the characteristics of Europe's geographical environment, waste structure, waste classification policy, etc., combined with the information and needs of customers' feedback. The vehicle design, development, and manufacturing fully comply with EU standards and have passed EU CE certification.

The batch of new energy equipment worth more than 45 million yuan will serve in Rome, Milan, Naples, Rovis and other cities in Italy after arriving, optimize the local garbage collection and transfer mechanism, and protect the urban environment.

Since Infore Environment officially opened up overseas markets in 2000, it has expanded to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and achieved system-wide coverage of export products. At present, Infore Environment has successfully participated in projects in Venezuela, Cuba, Suriname, Iraq, Azerbaijan and other countries, and has put into use more than 100 units sanitation equipment in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia in Southeast Asia, to collect and transfer garbage for cities along the route and surrounding countries.
Infore Environment has been deeply involved in the field of sanitation for many years, continuously carrying out technical research, innovating business models, improving systems and mechanisms, and optimizing service structures, making every effort to build a world-class enterprise brand, and assisting the world's green and low-carbon development of sanitation with high-quality equipment.

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