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CIMC delivered new energy refrigerated semi trailer to North America

Date:2023-04-28 Author:Grace

April 28, 2023, North America, On April 24, Sysco, the world's largest food distributor, held the "The Earth Day" event in California, USA, and released heavyweight news, announcing the progress of the first new energy logistics hub project, covering the progress and subsequent plans of equipment and facilities such as DC fast charging stations, electric tractors, new energy refrigerated semi trailers, battery storage, and solar power generation devices. This is also one of the first commercially operated electric logistics hubs in the world.
As a core supplier, Vanguard, a North American subsidiary of CIMC, has provided Sysco with an overall solution for new energy refrigerated semi trailers. In this Sysco project, Vanguard delivered the first batch of multi temperature refrigerated semi trailer prototype vehicles to Sysco at the Moreno Valley factory in California.

In addition to optimizing the design structure of the vehicle body, Vanguard also integrates supply chain resources such as Carrier multi-temperature refrigeration units, ConMet electric wheel system, and Transport Refrigeration wireless sensing system, achieving remote precise temperature control, brake energy recovery and storage, low brake noise, and high range, becoming a new industry benchmark. The electric wheel hub system generates electricity to power the refrigeration unit, maintaining the temperature inside the vehicle at a food safety level, while saving transportation companies a lot of fuel and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

With the increasingly serious issues of global greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution, and resource consumption, CIMC Vehicles has increased its cooperation efforts, actively laid out new energy logistics equipment, and provided more environmentally friendly and efficient logistics solutions through technological innovation.

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