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Fast Beyond Drive+ Liquid Ease helps efficient operation

Date:2023-05-06 Author:Grace

May 6, 2023, China, Lately, XCMG's high-end high-horsepower tractors equipped with Fast 16-speed Beyond Drive AMT+FHB400 hydraulic retarder in batches were successfully delivered to customers in Xuzhou, fully helping customers to operate efficiently.
The customer for this delivery is mainly engaged in large-scale logistics transportation from Xuzhou to Xinjiang, with a one-way distance of about 3,500 kilometers. Therefore, it is very important to choose a safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient and high-horsepower vehicle. The high-end, intelligent and safe advantages of Fast products have opened up a new market pattern for long-distance main line tractors and become a new weapon for customers to fight for long-distance main line logistics.

Fast Beyond Drive AMT accurately matches the gears, realizes intelligent shifting, is more efficient and fuel-efficient than manual transmission, and also avoids the driver's tedious operation of frequently shifting gears and stepping on the clutch for a long time, reducing the driver's fatigue, which has become the preferred configuration for commercial vehicle upgrades.

Fast hydraulic retarder has multiple functions such as constant speed function, braking function, combined braking, braking indication, EBS coordination, cooling coordination, over-temperature protection, etc. In addition to safety guarantees, the Fast hydraulic retarder is a cost-saving tool that reduces the frequency of vehicle braking, saves brake pads and tires, and directly reduces vehicle operating costs.

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