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SANY unmanned fleet operated first time in Henan

Date:2023-05-19 Author:Grace

May 19, 2023, Henan, China, On May 13, an unmanned fleet consisting of one SSP130C-10 paving machine, two SPR300C-8 rollers, one STR130C-8 roller, and two SSR260C-8 rollers was applied for the first time in Henan province, marking a new era of unmanned intelligent construction for highways in Henan.
Using artificial intelligence, 5G, and Beidou high-precision positioning technology, the unmanned paving machine fleet successfully completed the tasks of paving, initial compaction, intermediate compaction, and final compaction of water-stabilized road surfaces.

The intelligent calibration technology of the Sany unmanned paving machine fleet enables automatic calibration of key vehicle movement values, improving the level of machine intelligence. Through rapid road modeling, the fleet can achieve digital modeling of construction roads within half an hour and use the 3D automatic leveling system to achieve millimeter-level thickness control, resulting in high-quality intelligent construction of road surfaces.

The project team leader stated that the Sany intelligent unmanned paving combined with Beidou high-precision positioning technology has the characteristics of high accuracy, high efficiency, high safety, high intelligence, and low cost. It effectively solves the problems of incomplete coverage in traditional construction and lack of comprehensive supervision throughout the process. The measured water-stable base compaction degree and strength qualified rate reached 100%, the planarity error was within 3cm, and the smoothness and thickness error were improved by 50% compared to the standard.

This technology enhances the safety and precision of the construction process, achieving "dual improvement" in construction efficiency and quality and providing a scalable and practical path for quality construction to promote the high-quality development of highway construction and contribute to the construction of "safe century-long quality projects".

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