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Fulongma and Foton deliver batch of new energy sanitation vehicles to Chengdu

Date:2023-05-22 Author:Grace

May 22, 2023, Chengdu, China, On May 11, Fulongma Group, Foton Motors, and Chengdu Environmental Investment Group held a ceremony in Chengdu to deliver a batch of new energy sanitation vehicles.

As a company providing comprehensive environmental sanitation solutions, Fulongma Group has been committed to developing and promoting new energy sanitation vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, improve road cleaning efficiency and quality, and enhance urban sanitation and aesthetics. Fulongma Group maintains a long-term strategic partnership with Foton Motors and has a profound cooperative relationship with Chengdu Environmental Investment Group.
The delivered batch of new energy sanitation vehicles includes 35 units 18-ton electric sweepers and 10 units 4-ton road maintenance vehicles. These vehicles utilize Foton Motors' advanced Auman new energy chassis and are equipped with Fulongma's independently developed intelligent cleaning system. They feature low noise, low emissions, high efficiency, and high reliability, meeting the cleaning requirements of different roads and scenarios in Chengdu.

The electric sweepers adopted the Auman new energy electric environmentally friendly chassis, significantly improving operational efficiency. The chassis power is dedicated to driving the vehicle, enhancing the overall attendance rate. With a width of 2200mm, the driver's cab effortlessly navigates through streets and alleys without leaving any blind spots.

The pure electric sanitation vehicle jointly developed by Auman and Fulongma embodies leading-edge technology, boasting a large battery capacity and low energy consumption during operation. It will contribute to clean and tidy urban roads, efficiently supporting the development and construction of Chengdu as a green and ecological city.

This collaboration is an important step in deepening the exchange between Fulongma Group, Foton Motors, and Chengdu Environmental Investment Group. After delivering high-quality new energy sanitation vehicles, Fulongma Group will continue to make every effort to assist Chengdu in improving urban management, enhancing the quality of the urban environment, and elevating the city's image and quality. It aims to make a greater contribution to the urban environmental sanitation cause and use technology and innovation to create a better living environment.

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