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FAST new energy products provide solutions for green logistics

Date:2023-05-22 Author:Nancy

May 22, 2023, China, Against the backdrop of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, new energy vehicles offer advantages in energy-saving, environmental protection, low noise, and high efficiency. FAST is actively engaged in the new energy market with its independently developed new energy products.
FAST 6E240 electric drive system features an internally designed sleeve structure, ensuring high reliability. Its unique pneumatic shifting actuator has a lifespan of over 30 million cycles, while advanced control strategies guarantee smoother and faster gear shifting, resulting in lower operating costs. The system can automatically adjust energy recovery intensity based on different road conditions and reasonably manage accessory power consumption, achieving efficient and economical energy-saving effects.

Currently, FAST has developed a range of series products in pure electric power systems, hybrid power systems, and more. Among them, the pure electric series products with 2-speed, 4-speed, and 6-speed variants have a rated input torque ranging from 500 N·m to 3000 N·m. These products have achieved scalability and full coverage, fully meeting the needs of commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and other fields, which provide solutions for green logistics and contribute to the mission of achieving "dual carbon" goals.

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