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First batch of 520 Farizon refrigerated vehicles chassis delivered to Chongqing

Date:2023-05-24 Author:Grace

May 24, 2023, Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicles has started delivering a batch of 520 Farizon extended-range refrigerated light truck chassis to Chongqing Jun Tong Automobile. The two parties have jointly launched a new energy digital refrigerated vehicle that can switch between three energy sources: gasoline, electricity, and natural gas. Chongqing Jun Tong Automobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Group, recognizes the high quality of Farizon's products through this collaboration. It also demonstrates the strength of Farizon, which has been the annual sales champion in the cold chain market for three consecutive years.
In April 2023, Farizon's urban logistics vehicle sales soared, achieving a market share of 27.15%. The Farizon Xing Zhi new energy light truck won its 16th consecutive championship, firmly establishing its dominant position in the market. Currently, the domestic cold chain industry is rapidly developing and achieving significant results, presenting new opportunities for urban cold chain transportation. Based on Farizon's independently developed extended-range electric drive core power technology, the Farizon Xing Zhi extended-range refrigerated vehicle achieves low-carbon operation and offers ultra-high endurance without charging anxiety. It also provides a more favorable total cost of ownership (TCO) and is perfectly suited for medium-distance intercity cold chain distribution.

The vehicles are equipped with a smart logistics vehicle networking cloud platform, which enables remote monitoring of the refrigeration unit, internal temperature of the compartment, as well as vehicle positioning, online/offline status, historical trajectory query, and vehicle dispatching functions. This achieves the overall goal of ensuring smooth transportation, improving transportation efficiency, enhancing transportation safety, and elevating the level of information-based transportation management, resulting in visible cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

In the future, the Farizon refrigerated vehicle series, with extended-range and pure electric drive as the core technological route, will expand to include methanol, battery swapping, and other power combinations, covering a wider range of cold chain transportation scenarios. With smarter, more efficient, and more reliable quality and services, it will lead the low-carbon and intelligent revolution in cold chain logistics and achieve mutual prosperity and win-win cooperation with Farizon's super partners.

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