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Yutong sightseeing vehicles contribute to high-quality operation of scenic areas

Date:2023-05-25 Author:Alice

May 25, 2023, China, Inheriting Yutong's core technologies in battery, engine and electric control, Yutong lithium-ion sightseeing vehicle is specifically matched with batteries, motors, and electronic controls based on the usage conditions and customer demands of sightseeing vehicles, providing the vehicle with stronger power and comfort. The climbing ability has increased from a 20% slope to 40%, meeting the operational requirements of long-term complex conditions, rightfully earning the title of "King of Climbing." "With the vehicle fully loaded (23 people), the power is more than sufficient during the process of starting on a slope, allowing for a direct start without slippage," said a driver from Wuduo Mountain sightseeing vehicles.
Yutong lithium-ion sightseeing vehicles have undergone comprehensive 3,500 km road condition reliability tests and climbing performance tests. Equipped with a downhill assist system, the vehicle not only assists in effective braking during long downhill descents but also achieves energy recovery. The vehicle also features an accelerator misoperation prevention function, avoiding operational errors and significantly enhancing driving safety. "Extremely satisfied" is the evaluation given to Yutong lithium-ion sightseeing vehicles by the customers of Wuduo Mountain, and one of the important reasons for earning such praise is their high efficiency, energy-saving, and cost-saving capabilities.

The vehicle is equipped with CATL lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the entire vehicle adopts Yutong's exclusive "Smart Control" system, which reduces energy consumption by more than 10% under the same conditions, achieving a range of 200km, fully meeting the driving needs of the scenic area for a whole day. The entire range comes standard with 1C DC fast charging, allowing for an 80% energy replenishment in just one hour, greatly improving operational efficiency. Furthermore, compared to traditional sightseeing vehicles, its energy consumption per 100 kilometers is only 20% of that of a fuel-powered vehicle, significantly reducing customer operating costs.

Yutong lithium-ion sightseeing vehicles create a platform for visitors to enjoy a comprehensive, multi-perspective, and mobile viewing experience, while also telling the story of beautiful encounters. In the future, Yutong sightseeing vehicles will continue to bring more people to appreciate the beauty of mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas and inject new vitality into the high-quality development of China's tourism industry.

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