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2023 Data Center Backup Power Forum Held Successfully at Xiangshan

Date:2023-05-26 Author:Alice

May 26, 2023, Beijing, China, On May 19, 2023, the 9th Data Center Backup Power Forum was held in Xiangshan, Beijing. During the event, Cummins unveiled its new localized digital master control cabinet, the DMC6600 series, adding another member to its localized power solutions.
Cummins has set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To this end, we are progressively reducing the carbon emissions of our products through technological upgrades and innovations. We are enhancing the emission levels of existing products and developing more compact solutions, such as the PowerBlocTM containerized units, which reduce carbon emissions during construction and operation. Additionally, we are exploring alternative energy sources like hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), fuel cells, and hydrogen storage as low-carbon energy alternatives.

A highlight of the forum was the introduction of Cummins Power Digital Master Control Cabinet DMC6600 and DMC6600P (hot standby redundancy), which are specifically developed for the Chinese market and manufactured in China. The DMC (Digital Master Control) is the brain of backup power systems, offering integrated control solutions for complex power systems composed of multiple units to optimize power supply.

The DMC6600 and DMC6600P are system-level control cabinets designed for power system control in parallel with Cummins generator sets. When used in conjunction with PowerCommand® generator set controllers, the DMC6600 provides a fully automated distributed logic control system suitable for unmanned and data center applications, ensuring normal operation of the power system in potential fault scenarios. The products have undergone rigorous type tests, third-party certification tests, and fault mode response testing.

Cummins Power's flagship product, the QSK60 series diesel generator set, will now be equipped with locally produced QSK60 engines. This will further reduce the lead time for Cummins Power QSK60 series units, make spare parts more readily available, and enable the local team to respond quickly to customer service needs.

Cummins is committed to providing localized products and services to customers in different markets worldwide. We continuously enhance our localized supply chain, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities to respond rapidly to customer demands, deliver products, and provide professional and high-quality services.

During the forum, the Senior Project Manager of Cummins China Power Business presented insights into reasonable interface divisions and post-operation and maintenance based on on-site construction experience. The PowerEnsure service product, customized for data center customers, was also introduced. The service covers the entire diesel power system and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. It includes extended warranties, expert maintenance and servicing, preventive technical inspections, on-site power generation vigilance, and annual on-site professional equipment management. These services ensure the safe and stable operation of high-value assets, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

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