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Caterpillar's Global Senior Vice President Yang Chengjian Visits Fast Group

Date:2023-08-21 Author:Nancy

August 21, 2023, Shaanxi, China, On August 17th, Caterpillar's Global Senior Vice President Yang Chengjian and his delegation visited Fast Group, where they were warmly welcomed by Party Secretary and Chairman Ma Xuyao. The two parties engaged in discussions and exchanges regarding the development of Xi'an Fast Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd.
Ma Xuyao expressed gratitude for Caterpillar's longstanding support for the development of Fast Company. He noted that, through the joint efforts and support of Fast and Caterpillar, Fast Company has achieved remarkable results in the field of AT automatic transmission commercial vehicles. He hoped that both sides would further enhance communication and expand their cooperation space.

Yang Chengjian praised Fast Group as an exemplary model in the field of intelligent manufacturing for automotive transmissions. He mentioned that over the past century, Caterpillar has continuously improved its products and services, helping customers enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lower operating costs. He also expressed the desire for both parties to establish an even closer cooperative relationship and achieve mutually beneficial development.

It is believed that in the future, both sides will strengthen all-round cooperation and make greater achievements.
Prior to the meeting, Yang Chengjian and his delegation visited Fast High Intelligence New Company. The General Manager of Caterpillar's Tianjin Plant, Cao Shuo, and Fast Group's Deputy General Manager, Wang Yafeng, were in attendance. Views:

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