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Farizon Chulhydro Ecological Headquarter Set in Tianjin

Date:2023-09-04 Author:Alice

September 4, 2023, Tianjin, China, On August 29, 2023, the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Farizon Commercial Vehicles held a signing ceremony for a project agreement, with the Chulhydro Ecological Headquarters set to establish its presence in the Tianjin Economic Development Zone.
According to the agreement, Farizon Commercial Vehicles will implement the Chulhydro Ecological Headquarters project in the Tianjin Economic Development Zone. This project encompasses various business activities, including the research, development, sales, and operation of methanol vehicles, methanol trade and refueling, and the production of green methanol. It aims to integrate existing methanol industry resources and build a comprehensive chulhydro industry ecosystem.

The establishment of the Chulhydro Ecological project will inject new vitality into Tianjin's automotive industry. It will comprehensively boost the development of the entire methanol industry chain, including methanol production, refueling, vehicle manufacturing, sales, and commercial operations.

Leveraging Geely's 18 years of technical expertise in liquid hydrogen energy and methanol power, Farizon Commercial Vehicles has successfully developed the world's first methanol heavy-duty truck and put it into mass production. The product's technological maturity and deployment scale are at the forefront of the international industry.
In the future, Chulhydro Ecological will continue to promote the development and application of methanol in China and globally through innovations in methanol application technologies and the coordinated development of related industry chains. It will construct a green methanol ecosystem to support carbon neutrality in the transportation sector. Views:

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