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JMC signed cooperative agreement with Baidu

Date:2023-09-11 Author:Nancy

September 11, 2023, China, On September 2nd, Jiangling Group and Baidu held a signing ceremony for their strategic cooperation framework agreement.
Jiangling Group has always sought cooperation in an open manner and strived for win-win partnerships. In the era of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, Jiangling Group and Baidu have joined forces to collaborate in the field of intelligent driving. After years of exploration and overcoming numerous challenges, they have entered a more intensive and substantive phase of cooperation. Jiangling Group is highly committed to advancing this crucial strategic project, aiming to consolidate resources, deepen collaboration, maintain a pragmatic approach, and promote the adoption and popularization of advanced intelligent driving technologies, thus pioneering a new era in intelligent automobiles together.

Leveraging its formidable AI capabilities, Baidu empowers Jiangling Group in the realm of intelligent driving by integrating its advanced vehicle platform technology and automotive manufacturing expertise. Both parties adhere to the principles of co-creation, co-construction, and co-sharing, continuously exploring more commercial possibilities. This collaboration will fully leverage the strengths of each side, achieving mutual benefits and jointly propelling Nanchang and the Economic Development Zone into a leading global hub for intelligent driving industries.

According to the agreement, both parties will embrace the principles of resource sharing, complementary advantages, and mutually beneficial cooperation. They will harness Jiangling Group's market position, business requirements, and information advantages in the automotive sector, as well as Baidu's strengths in areas such as autonomous driving, intelligent connectivity, smart transportation, and intelligent mapping. Together, they will seize the development opportunities presented by the transformation of automobiles into intelligent mobile terminals and jointly explore and develop the intelligent connected vehicle market and urban smart transportation. Views:

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