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First Fleet of 16 Changzheng Hydrogen Car Carriers to Put into Operation


October 25, 2023, Great Wall Motors officially delivered an initial fleet of 16 Changzheng hydrogen car carriers to Ant Logistics. The vehicles were jointly developed by Great Wall Group IFYOU and FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with the aim of building the first scale demonstration scenario application of “hydrogen car carriers”.

The vehicle measures 12 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3,99 meters high. It configured with a FTXT T Energy 110kW fuel cell engine and a 30kg/320L×4 hydrogen storage system.

Moreover, the hydrogen car carrier provides multiple advantages for fleets and drivers, including low noise, zero emission, low hydrogen consumption and intelligence. With a Max Climbing gradient of 25% , it is highly flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of working conditions.

Thanks to its lightweight design, two cylinders, self-owned efficient fuel cell system and electric control system, it can offer a range of up to 400km and reduce the consumption by 10%. 

The hydrogen car carrier will travel to and from Great Wall Motor Xushui Factory to Baoding railway station goods yard, providing zero-emission service for Great Wall’s car transport. This is another initiative launched by the three parties following the successful launch of the Hydrogen Fuel wingspan Car, which will provide a reference for the further development and marketing of hydrogen fuel cells.


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