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JAC and Its Partner Ink a Deal for 100 Refrigerated Trucks


On January 3, 2024, the marketing team of the partner visited JAC and reached a strategic cooperation with JAC for 100 refrigerated vehicles.

According to the characteristics of cold chain transportation scenarios, JAC GALLOP "Chilled No.1" refrigerated vehicle has enhanced the generator to 180A and the battery to 220Ah, continuously controlling the temperature of fresh goods 24 hours, keeping fresh for a long time and preserving the original taste of food. JAC is the first to install the cutting-free top design of independent units, which has higher safety.

JAC GALLOP "Chilled No.1" refrigerated vehicle is equipped with a 320 horsepower engine, which is matched with the 8-speed AMT gearbox of Fast, and there's no need to shift gears manually, thus effectively reducing the driver's fatigue intensity. Carefully adjusted power transmission system can ensure high timeliness, optimal performance and lower fuel consumption of cold chain transportation.

JAC GALLOP "Chilled No.1" refrigerated vehicle adopts high-strength steel frame with strong bending and torsion resistance. It adopts a 9-ton lightweight rear axle with large quantity, strong bearing capacity and high reliability, which is matched with a large friction plate clutch, with reliable performance and long service life. At the same time, hydraulic retarder can be installed optionally, which can flexibly cope with the working conditions such as multiple bends and continuous downhill of mountain roads, with higher transportation efficiency.


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