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Yuchai Ranks First in Multiple Market Segments in 2023


In 2023, in the commercial vehicle power sector, Yuchai Guoliu products were fully launched, and the market share of 4 ~ 8 liters of medium and heavy power, medium and heavy engineering truck power, traditional bus power over 6 meters and hybrid bus power ranked first in the industry. Among them, Yuchai Guoliu tractor power and bus power sales achieved double-digit growth, and gas engine sales achieved triple-digit growth year-on-year.

In the new energy power sector, Yuchai range extender, fuel cell, the largest power motor in China, and the world's first hybrid electric drive continuously variable transmission powertrain have all been applied in the market. Yuchai has set up a hydrogen energy technology company, built a hydrogen energy R&D and production base, and built a future-oriented hydrogen energy industry chain capability.

In terms of general machine power, Yuchai has created the first market share in many market segments such as crawler excavation, mining vehicles, big forks, aerial work and explosion-proof machines, especially in the field of high-horsepower agricultural machinery power.

In terms of ship electric power, Yuchai Marine and Genset has made great breakthroughs in the fields of data center power generation, wind power installation ship, gas, ferroalloy tail gas, etc., ranking first in the market share of power generation and ship power with displacement above 16L.

In overseas markets, in 2023, Yuchai's export engines increased by nearly 30% year-on-year. At present, Yuchai has nearly 650,000 overseas engines, ranking first in the industry.

In terms of service, Yuchai takes customer service demand as the starting point, and continuously improves the four core service elements of network, technology, accessories and operation, with the fastest average closed-loop service cycle in the whole industry. In the industry satisfaction survey conducted by a third party, Yuchai's user satisfaction index ranks first in the industry.


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