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New Launch: Aumark iBlue ES1 Full Electric Wrecker


Aumark iBlue ES1 pure electric wrecker follows many advantages of Aumark. For example, it has a customized chassis developed by leading enterprises in the wrecker industry. The layout of all vehicle parts is very reasonable, and it can take into account the operating habits of practitioners, such as lifting the plate and retracting the cable.

For pure electric wrecker, another great advantage of customization is that it can realize the integration of chassis and installation, and improve electrical safety and reliability. Moreover, the layout of its wiring harness and modules becomes very reasonable, so there is no need to worry about wearing parts in the process of getting up and down the plate, which makes the staff feel more at ease.

The new generation of Aumark iBlue ES1 pure electric wrecker adopts 100.46 kW • h high energy density power battery pack in CATL, and has ECO driving mode, braking energy recovery and other energy-saving measures, and further optimizes the flow resistance of the whole vehicle, thus effectively reducing energy consumption and prolonging battery life by 10%.

Aumark iBlue ES1 pure electric wrecker adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor, and its rated torque is 170 N·m, which is much higher than that of ordinary 2.5 L fuel light truckS. Its peak torque has reached 360 N·m, far ahead of the fuel light truck, which can bring better starting, getting rid of difficulties and accelerating ability. The maximum speed of this vehicle can reach 90 km/h, and the maximum climbing degree at full load can reach 30%, so the road adaptability is stronger.


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