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Yutong 7.7 m Physical Examination Vehicle, Mobile Hospital


Yutong 7.7 m Fukang Guardian Physical Examination Vehicle can provide a large space. The whole vehicle is 7700mm long, 2400mm wide and 3200mm high, and its internal effective height is ≥ 1920 mm, so the space is larger.

Vehicles can be customized according to customer needs, meeting different use scenarios such as DR + audiometry +5 seats, DR +9 seats, DR + examination bed +5 seats, and preliminary screening of two cancers. The layout is reasonable, the space utilization rate is high, and there is no need to provide additional official vehicles for small group physical examination.

In addition, the vehicle integrates a variety of advanced medical equipment, and DR filming and hearing screening get on the vehicle at the same time, so there is no need to purchase additional hearing vehicles, which improves the efficiency of physical examination and effectively reduces the operational pressure of medical institutions.

Integrated production: The chassis and installation of the vehicle are manufactured in Yutong Factory, which is formed at one time to avoid the damage to the vehicle caused by secondary modification and ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicle. In addition, the whole body skeleton of the vehicle is electrophoretic anticorrosion, which can ensure that the whole vehicle will not rust for 8-10 years and greatly prolong the service life of the vehicle.

In terms of radiation protection safety, the vehicle is protected by six-sided lead plates and the materials are standardized, and the joint is overlapped, so the radiation protection capability meets the national standard. In terms of electricity safety, Yutong 7.7 m Fukang Guardian physical examination vehicle's air switch and cables are designed accurately to match the electricity power of the whole vehicle. It is equipped with a 220V over-voltage and under-voltage protection circuit breaker to avoid damage to medical equipment caused by over-voltage and sudden power failure.

The vehicle is equipped with a charging and inverting integrated machine as standard, which charges the battery in real time in working state, so as to avoid the vehicle from being unable to start due to long-term discharge of the battery.


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