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Jiefang Single-Row Heavy-Duty 7-ton Flat Wrecker


Jiefang Single-Row Heavy-Duty 7-ton Flat Wrecker  

Chassis configuration parameters:

Cab: Jiefang Tiger VN (1900mm), three-seat cab

Engine: Jiefang Xichai 140 hp

Gearbox: WLY 6 gears (6TS40)

Wheelbase: 3600

Rear axle: 270 press-welding axle (speed ratio 4.875), plate-form spring 3/7 +9, frame 180*65* (5 +5), original double-layer girder

Tyre: 7.00 R16

Fuel tank: 120L plastic fuel tank

Air brake, 24V dual battery, main power switch, ABS, constant speed cruise, multi-function steering wheel, elevated box, central control lock + electric door and window + original air conditioner, airbag seat, special chassis for obstacle clearance.

The chassis adopts Jiefang Xichai 140 horsepower, WLY 6 gears, 270 rear axle, airbag seat, 7.00 steel wire tire, multi-functional steering wheel air brake, constant speed cruise, adjustable headlights, ABS, air conditioning, central control door lock, electric doors and windows, and original double-layer girders (to avoid after-sales of girders).

Tongwei heavy-duty plate: the plate length is 5.6 meters (main board is 4.2 meters, hydraulic flap is 1.4 meters), the plate width is 2.3 meters, the flat main oil cylinder, the outer diameter of the main cylinder and the lifting cylinder of the rear tow arm is 110, and the double auxiliary griders. Easily trail 7 tons.


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