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XCMG EHSL313 Electric Dumper Offers 350 km Range With a 600 kWh Battery


With over 600 kWh battery and 350 km range, XCMG EHSL313 new energy dump truck officially rolled off the assembly line on February 2, 2024!

XCMG EHSL313 is equipped with XCMG latest generation of new energy flat floor cab, which has larger space, wider vision and more comfortable driving. The low wind resistance design takes into account aesthetic experience, which explains the "low carbon green" of XCMG New Energy Heavy Truck.

Surrounding instrument panel, airbag seat configuration, the whole vehicle adopts display and control integration strategy, realizes various control modes, integrates 360-view panoramic image system, 15.6-inch central control large screen, charging status monitoring and other functions, and realizes intelligent human-computer interaction, and the vehicle runs safely and efficiently.

This model matches the fourth generation power battery of CATL with high safety, has mature three-power technology and integrated technology, and also supports double gun 600A fast charging. The charging time of 20% ~ 80% SOC is ≤ 45 min, and the energy replenishment efficiency is further improved; Directional optimization of high-efficiency area of motor reduces power consumption of whole vehicle by 3%, which saves money and is more efficient.

XCMG EHSL313 is matched with dual-motor configuration, and can adopt single-motor and dual-motor effective coupling driving modes according to the conditions of no-load, light-load, heavy-load, road surface and speed of vehicles, so as to achieve optimal driving efficiency and meet the use requirements of various working conditions.

The life of the whole vehicle and its parts B10 exceeds 1.5 million kilometers, which can ensure the efficient operation of customers.


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