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Shandong Lingong Excavator Begins to Work in Angola Quarry


Recently, Shandong Lingong excavators were successfully delivered to Angolan users, which marks for Lingong excavators to enter the southern African market. In view of the demand for large-scale equipment in quarries and non-ferrous metals in Angola market, Angolan users purchased 36 tons and 50 tons products of Shandong Lingong.

This is the first time for Shandong Lingong excavator to land in the South African market, marking a more comprehensive and perfect layout of Shandong Lingong in the African continent. With the delivery of medium and large tonnage excavators to users, Shandong Lingong is expanding the high-end and high-value market with high-end and large-scale products and enhancing the brand influence of Chinese construction machinery.


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