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50 SAIC Hongyan GENPAW Dump Trucks Were Delivered to Wenzhou Customers


Recently, the delivery ceremony and customer appreciation meeting between SAIC Hongyan dealers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province and local customers ended successfully. The 50 SAIC Hongyan GENPAW C6 8 × 4 dump trucks delivered in batches not only meet the development needs of enterprises themselves, but also further enhance the local popularity and influence of SAIC Hongyan heavy trucks.

SAIC Hongyan GENPAW C6 8 × 4 dump truck has won the recognition of customers and been purchased in batches with its excellent performance and reliable quality.

SAIC Hongyan GENPAW C6 8 × 4 dump truck is equipped with Yuchai K08 engine + Fast 10MT, with maximum horsepower of 350Ps and maximum torque of 1450 N m, which can generate strong power and easily cope with various complicated road conditions. Adopt high-strength lightweight frame to meet customers' high-load vehicle demand. At the same time, SAIC Hongyan GENPAW C6 8 × 4 dump truck also adopts the post-treatment EGR system, which has lower urea consumption rate and saves urea cost for customers.

The main driving seat in the cab adopts air seat with adjustable damping, and the cushion and backrest are optimized, which has stronger support and is not easy to collapse, thus reducing driving fatigue. The cab is stamped as a whole and galvanized on both sides. The thickest part of the cab is as high as 1.5 mm, which will not deform even if it collides with the cab, thus better ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.

In the future, SAIC Hongyan will continue to take the actual needs of customers as the starting point, make continuous efforts in the field of engineering vehicles, and continuously provide customers with heavy truck products with better comprehensive performance.


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