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SANY Cranes SAC24000T Get Wind Turbines Installation Completed as Scheduled


In the mountains of Rongshui in Guangxi, the fourth phase of Baiyunling Wind Field is in full swing.

Facing the installation task of 55 wind turbines, three SAC24000T from Guangxi Fengzhizi Hoisting Engineering Co., Ltd., Yingkou Shengfeng Machinery Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Qixing Anda Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. are gathered here.

SAC24000T can turn in all wheels, with a minimum turning radius of 16.2 m m. The auxiliary drive axle is equipped with a torque increasing device, with a maximum climbing degree of 45%. It can also rotate flexibly in winding mountain roads.

The planned total installed capacity of the project is 100MW, and the single unit capacity of the installed wind turbines ranges from 5.0 MW-6. 25MW. In order to meet the complex wind power installation requirements, three SAC24000T units are constructed under the working condition of 78m main arm + 62m auxiliary arm, and the main arm with 270 tons counterweight.

The three SAC24000T also demonstrated efficient disassembly and assembly capability. The auxiliary arm can be removed in less than 1 hour, which is 10-20 minutes faster than the products of the same level. Newly developed split super-lift, and the disassembly and assembly time is shortened to 1 hour.

A series of complicated installation and dismantling processes can be completed one day and one night, saving precious time for the whole project.

Since the first hoisting on December 17th, the installation task has been completed by 30%. After the project is put into production, it can provide about 266 million kWh of clean energy and electricity every year, increase local tax revenue by about 10 million yuan, save 32,000 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 265,000 tons, which has good economic and social benefits.


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