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FULONGMA Boosts Indonesia's Environmental Efforts

Date:2024-06-20 Author:Olivia

FULONGMA Group has successfully exported another batch of sanitation vehicles to Indonesia. These vehicles will support the Surabaya Government project and the Surabaya Environmental Protection Bureau, enhancing local environmental sanitation management.

The exported compactor garbage trucks are designed for efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection, specifically for urban waste collection and processing. With 12 years of deep engagement in the Indonesian market, FULONGMA has accumulated extensive experience and has become a key partner in the local environmental equipment sector. To date, FULONGMA has deployed over 300 vehicles in Indonesia, including garbage trucks, road maintenance vehicles, small road sweepers, and wash sweepers, showcasing the company's robust technical capabilities and market influence.

The FULONGMA brand is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to customers worldwide. Through continuous innovation and technological advancement, FULONGMA's sanitation equipment has gained widespread acclaim in the international market. This collaboration with the Surabaya Environmental Protection Bureau further underscores FULONGMA's competitiveness and esteemed reputation globally.
FULONGMA Group has always prioritized environmental protection, leveraging its strong research and innovation capabilities to drive continuous progress in the environmental sector. The company focuses on optimizing environmental solutions through technological innovation and upgrades, enhancing product and service quality and efficiency, and contributing positively to global environmental protection. Looking ahead, FULONGMA will continue to uphold sustainable development principles, deepen cooperation with governments and industry partners globally, and jointly promote the growth of the environmental protection industry, striving towards a better global ecological environment.

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