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Amazing! Self-driving sanitation vehicle Debuts at the Singapore Environmental E

Date:2024-06-21 Author:Olivia

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of the times, autonomous driving technology is creating ripples in all walks of life. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of urbanization, the demand for urban environment maintenance has increased. Self-driving sanitation vehicles based on intelligent driving technology have begun to become a beautiful landscape on the city streets.

As a leading brand in the domestic new energy sanitation industry, Yutong Sanitation relies on Yutong's nearly 10 years of accumulation of intelligent driving technology and successful experience. On the basis of possessing core autonomous driving technology, it conducts targeted and adaptive development based on the particularities of sanitation operations. As early as 2018, Yutong Sanitation launched the first pure electric autonomous driving sweeper, achieving L4 fully autonomous driving.

In 2022, Yutong Sanitation and WeRide jointly created China's first pre-installed mass-produced fully unmanned sanitation vehicle, and jointly promoted the demonstration application of autonomous driving sanitation equipment in cities. Just yesterday, the 6t autonomous washing and sweeping vehicle jointly built by Yutong Sanitation and WeRide made its debut at the 6th Singapore Clean Environment Summit, attracting the attention of many guests and industry partners. Many visitors expressed admiration for the innovative design of the autonomous driving sanitation vehicle.

At present, Yutong Environmental Sanitation has developed a variety of products and wire-controlled vehicle solutions, including 6t washing and sweeping vehicles, 6t cleaning vehicles, and 18t washing and sweeping vehicles. Among them, Yutong Environmental Sanitation's 6t automatic driving washing and sweeping vehicle is based on the smart sanitation management platform, realizing automatic driving, intelligent operation, and remote takeover functions. Through the three aspects of sanitation monitoring system, automatic driving sanitation vehicle, and automatic operation system, it can quickly locate pollution sources, accurately operate according to the situation 24 hours a day, and respond to emergencies in 10 minutes. The road dust load quality rate can reach 100%, and the full process automation enables the construction of smart cities.
Technology is the core and innovation is the foundation. Over the years, Yutong Environmental Sanitation has always been committed to product innovation and has taken the lead in developing the first new energy sanitation chassis in the industry. It was the first to mass-produce a 6t self-driving washing and sweeping vehicle and operate it fully automatically in Guangzhou Bio Island. At present, Yutong Environmental Sanitation's self-driving sanitation vehicle has been put into operation in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Zhengzhou, and road testing has been started in Dongguan. The overall safe operation mileage exceeds one million kilometers, adding smart elements to urban life.

With the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for sanitation work is also growing. With the aging trend of sanitation workers, the traditional sanitation work methods can no longer meet the needs of modern cities. Technology has become the best way to solve the problems of aging and low efficiency of sanitation workers. Yutong Sanitation shoulders the responsibility and commitment of the industry leader and will continue to uphold Yutong's excellent value genes to help build smart cities with more efficient, more technological and more practical products, so that people can enjoy the beauty of urban life.

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