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Yuchai Mengqing engines are launched in South America in batches

Date:2024-06-28 Author:Sissi

Recently, Yuchai Mengqing Power's export to overseas high-end markets has reached another important milestone. YCK16 engines are equipped with Tongli Heavy Industry's TLD125 mining vehicles and have been shipped across the ocean to land in Ecuadorian metal mines in batches.

As an important production area of non-ferrous metal mines in the world, South America is a must-win place for international mining machinery companies. In recent years, wide-body vehicles equipped with Yuchai heavy machinery and other equipment have been exported to Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and other countries. The batch sales of TLD125 mining vehicles in Ecuador have laid a solid foundation for Yuchai heavy machinery to further expand the South American market.
TLD125 mining vehicle is the industry's first double-axle drive mining dump truck independently developed by Tongli Heavy Industry. The product has stable performance, high reliability, low operating costs and guaranteed attendance. Since its launch, TLD125 mining vehicle has been verified in multiple working conditions in China, Central Asia, South America and other regions. The application of mining includes plateaus, high cold, long transportation distances, comprehensive road conditions, large equipment, soft roads, etc. The product performance has been favored by many customers at home and abroad.

The Yuchai YCK16 equipped in the TLD125 mining vehicle is a high-end power designed for the mining machinery market, with a maximum output power of 775 horsepower and a maximum torque of 3200N·m. It is suitable for large mining trucks with a load capacity of 90-100 tons. It has significant advantages such as good loading responsiveness, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low noise, and low maintenance cost. It can fully adapt to various complex and harsh working conditions such as high cold, high heat, and high altitude.
So far, YCK16 has become the high-end model with the largest market share in the domestic heavy mining truck market, and has achieved large-scale matching in mainstream enterprises such as ZOOMLION, SANY, XCMG, LIUGONG, TONGLI, and LINGONG.

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