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SAIC Hongyan New Energy Dump Trucks Delivered in batches

Date:2024-07-09 Author:Olivia

Recently, SAIC Hongyan Jiehu H6 charging and swapping integrated dump trucks were delivered in batches to customers in Yibin, Sichuan. Driven by the national dual-carbon strategy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy dump trucks are becoming more and more popular. In the face of the growing demand for green and low-carbon transportation, the SAIC Hongyan new energy dump trucks delivered this time will serve as the main force of urban construction transportation. With its surging power, extreme lightness, and the industry's first "scenario intelligent adaptation" solution, it will help the green development of urban construction transportation in Yibin, Sichuan, and start a new journey of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Strong kinetic energy and smooth economic travel

In terms of power: This model is equipped with a 350kW·h Ningde era power battery, which can reach a maximum of 490 horsepower, with strong power output and fast start. In the face of high-intensity operations such as urban construction and transportation, the vehicle has adopted the industry-leading high-speed oil-cooled flat wire motor technology for the first time, with a transmission efficiency of more than 97.5%, which can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the motor and achieve continuous climbing of 6 kilometers without power attenuation, with a maximum climbing grade of more than 48%. Not only that, the vehicle also has an advanced and fast energy replenishment form. With the cooperation of the battery swap station, the battery can be replaced in only 3-5 minutes, which greatly shortens the vehicle's energy replenishment time and helps users operate efficiently.

In terms of economy: the vehicle is the first to adopt a highly integrated five-in-one high-voltage controller, which reduces the volume by 30%, reduces the weight by 30kg, and achieves a system efficiency of more than 95%. The vehicle is equipped with lightweight batteries and a vehicle load-bearing system, with a curb weight as low as 13.6 tons, ensuring that users can pull 1,000kg more per trip. In addition, SAIC Hongyan's new energy dump trucks save money on purchase (purchase tax), use (energy consumption, unit price of oil and electricity), maintenance (energy recovery reduces wear and tear, and extends the service life of the compression plate), and maintenance (no maintenance costs for three years). The excellent TCO can help users achieve higher economy.
Intelligent and electric integration, high efficiency and low consumption
In terms of intelligence: Facing the new requirements of green and intelligent urban construction and transportation, Hongyan Jiehu H6 8X4 integrated charging and swapping dump truck has achieved green and environmental protection through intelligent evolution. The industry's first intelligent adaptation to scenarios, during transportation, can analyze actual scenario conditions through big data intelligent calculation and remote update, formulate the optimal power calibration strategy in real time, and recover up to 70% of energy. This model is equipped with SAIC Hongyan's advanced full-time sensing electronic control technology and standard FOTA function, which can accurately match user scenarios, push the best data version, achieve optimal control of scenario energy consumption, and provide the most suitable power output solution for the current scenario, so as to reduce operating energy consumption, reduce costs and increase efficiency for users.

Every change and breakthrough of SAIC Hongyan comes from the suggestions and efforts of Hongyan and all its partners. Use technology to polish products and use products to shape reputation! SAIC Hongyan not only uses technology to open up the road of new energy development, but also takes the market and user needs as the result-oriented, accelerates product optimization and iteration, and brings users efficient, intelligent and low-consumption car experience.

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