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See the imported Iveco Daily used by Hong Kong police!

Date:2024-07-09 Author:Olivia

There is a classic line in the Hong Kong police and gangster movie "Cold War" released in 2012: "How much is a riot vehicle, five police officers and a full vehicle of equipment worth?" Mainland friends may wonder, what is a riot vehicle? The riot vehicle is a model that represents the strength of the Hong Kong Police Tactical Unit. It is designed for the Emergency Unit, which is responsible for crime handling and first aid. This model is also used in Hong Kong's regular police units.

Mong Kok Police District 3rd Squad
The Hong Kong Police Force has been rated as the "best" police agency in Asia by Interpol for many years and currently has about 2,500 police vehicles. In 2016, the Hong Kong Police Force ordered 129 sixth-generation New Daily light commercial vehicles from Iveco of Italy for the first time.

Airport Police District No. 5 Vehicle
This batch of vehicles was specially modified in Zhuhai and delivered to the Hong Kong Police Force between 2017 and 2018. This batch of New Daily is used in many units such as Emergency Unit, Patrol and Traffic Police. Hong Kong also calls it "Europa Daily Police Car".

Airport Police District Car No. 13
The specific model of this batch of Iveco New Daily police cars is 50-170, with a chassis weight of 2516kg, a load capacity of 2484kg, and a 170-horsepower F1C engine. The car is a 4x2 drive form, and the drive axle adopts a dual-tire structure. The gearbox uses Iveco's Hi-Matic technology, which is easy to operate, durable and reliable, and the gear shift is smooth and comfortable.
Mong Kok Police District 3rd Squadron No. 4 Car
Most New Daily police cars have open windows and are mainly used to transport personnel and equipment. The paint also follows the usual design style of the Hong Kong Police Force. The whole car is painted white, with the words "Police" on the front hood. The side uses red and blue decorative strips with white lettering, which is very recognizable.
Southern Region Traffic Department Breathalyzer Center
This New Daily police car with yellow and blue Battenberg pattern belongs to the Hong Kong Traffic Department. It is a mobile breathalyzer, and its daily task is to detect drunk driving. Since this car is an equipment vehicle, it is slightly different from the personnel transport vehicle in the front in terms of body structure, and the rear compartment adopts a semi-enclosed design.

Mong Kok Police District 3rd Squadron No. 4 Car
The New Daily police car has sliding doors on both sides, and a double-door structure at the rear. All car windows are equipped with protective nets, and there are reserved slots for protective nets on the front windshield, which can not only prevent explosions, but also ensure the safety of the car in extreme weather such as typhoons.

The interior is designed to be very spacious, and can accommodate at least 10 police officers including the front row. The interior is designed for ease of use, with 8 storage boxes installed and a folding shelf that can be used to place a tablet.

This vehicle uses the New Daily high-top model, with a spacious interior and non-slip floors for getting on and off the vehicle. The spacious interior space, combined with storage boxes and item racks, not only facilitates the daily transportation needs of police officers, but also allows them to handle paperwork on the vehicle.

Wan Chai Police District Car No. 2 passing through Queen's Road East at night
Sau Mau Ping Police District 1st Squad Car No. 1
Today, this batch of Iveco New Daily police cars have been in service in the Hong Kong Police Force for 6 years. The high ownership makes it one of the representative models of the Hong Kong Police Force.

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