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Yutong made a grand appearance at the Henan Environmental Sanitation Exhibition

Date:2024-07-10 Author:Olivia

In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important instructions and instructions on urban planning, construction and development, and accelerate the improvement of the scientific, refined and intelligent level of urban management. On July 9, 2024, supported by the Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and sponsored by the Henan Municipal Public Utilities Association and other departments, the 2024 Henan Smart Urban Management Construction and Municipal Public Facilities Expo and the 9th Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation and Solid Waste Treatment Expo were grandly held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Yutong Environmental Sanitation became the focus of the whole venue with its powerful new energy product lineup and technical strength.

Luxurious product lineup highlights leading position
As a leading brand in the domestic new energy sanitation industry, Yutong Environmental Sanitation brought its star new energy sanitation products to the two-day exhibition, including 18t plug-in extended-range hybrid compression garbage truck, W18 pure electric low-entry four-season washing and sweeping truck, 6t automatic driving washing truck and other products. With its energy-saving characteristics, excellent functions and intelligent design, it has won the attention and favor of many industry media and exhibitors.

At the Expo, Yutong Environmental Sanitation's 18t plug-in extended-range hybrid compression garbage truck was widely praised by exhibitors and visitors. This model adopts a hybrid chassis, equipped with Yutong's new energy three-electric system and Ruikong technology, can be charged and refueled, and is easy to use. The upper body is a new generation of upper body platform developed by Yutong, and the operating effect and lightweight level have been greatly improved. While ensuring safety and reliability, the fuel-saving performance is 20% higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles, and the comprehensive cruising range can reach 500km. It can also be equipped with a green license plate and has road rights.
Yutong Environmental Sanitation W18 pure electric low-entry four-season washing and sweeping vehicle has also attracted much attention. This is a multifunctional special vehicle for road cleaning that integrates washing, sweeping, and vacuuming. It uses filter cartridges to remove dust and can achieve waterless operation. In winter, when the road surface is prone to ice when sprinkled with water, it can be used independently as a vacuum cleaner. In other seasons, it can be used as a regular washing and sweeping vehicle, completely solving the anxiety of winter road icing.

Capturing the pulse of the times and leading industry change
At present, hydrogen fuel, as a promising clean energy, is gradually receiving widespread attention. With its keen insight and leading technical strength, Yutong Environmental Sanitation has taken the lead in launching a number of hydrogen fuel models. The 18t hydrogen fuel cleaning vehicle and 32t hydrogen fuel compression garbage truck at the exhibition are two of them. With its advantages of fast charging, long battery life, and low carbon and environmental protection, Yutong Environmental Sanitation has delivered more than 200 hydrogen fuel sanitation vehicles to garbage collection and transportation companies and sanitation service companies in Zhengzhou, Hong Kong and other places, making important contributions to the high-quality development of urban environmental protection and environmental sanitation.

In addition, Yutong Environmental Sanitation has also performed very well in the field of autonomous driving. The 6t autonomous driving cleaning vehicle at the exhibition is the industry's first L4 autonomous driving cleaning vehicle that has been developed and designed in a forward-looking manner. Currently, Yutong Environmental Sanitation's autonomous driving models have been put into operation in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Zhengzhou, and road tests have been started in Dongguan. The total safe operating mileage exceeds one million kilometers, adding another element of intelligence to urban life.

Core five electric empowerment reshapes the market benchmark
Leading technical strength is one of the core competitiveness of Yutong Environmental Sanitation. At the Expo, Yutong Environmental Sanitation also brought core components such as batteries, electronic controls, motors, electric drive bridges, and nitrogen protection. Among them, the nitrogen protection system is the first in the industry, which can effectively isolate oxygen and completely block internal fires, making it safer. The new generation of efficient and lightweight integrated electric drive bridge is the first high-speed simplified transmission technology in the industry, supporting a 15% reduction in vehicle energy consumption. It effectively demonstrates Yutong Environmental Sanitation's strong intelligent manufacturing capabilities and market competitiveness, and reshapes the market benchmark for domestic new energy sanitation equipment.

In addition, in order to give back to new and old customers, Yutong Environmental Sanitation has also prepared a small interactive game with prizes, so that customers can enjoy the joy of lucky moments during the exhibition. Yutong Environmental Sanitation, as the earliest company engaged in the research and development and production of new energy for sanitation, has always actively responded to national policies and is committed to the research and development, production and promotion of more efficient and environmentally friendly new energy sanitation vehicles. The new energy series products exhibited at the expo are the crystallization of Yutong's accumulated environmental sanitation technology.

In the future, Yutong Environmental Sanitation will continue to adhere to innovation-driven development, increase R&D investment, improve product technology level, contribute more to green development, and make urban life better!

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