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Hongyan help close the breach of Dongting Lake embankment in Huarong

Date:2024-07-10 Author:Olivia

After three consecutive days of 24-hour uninterrupted blocking, the breach of the Dongting Lake dike in Tuanzhouwan, Huarong County, Hunan Province was sealed and closed. Since the danger occurred, various social forces immediately responded and rushed to help. SAIC Hongyan truck drivers also heard the news and drove their steel behemoths to the front line from all directions, quickly joining the battle of flood prevention and rescue.

On July 5, 2024, after the heaviest rainfall so far this year, the dike of Dongting Lake in Tuanzhou Dike, Tuanbei Village, Tuanzhou Township, Huarong County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, broke. The breach surface once expanded to 226 meters, causing 47.64 square kilometers of the dike area to be flooded and 7,680 people to be evacuated urgently. After the incident, Hunan Province, Yueyang City, and Huarong County made every effort to organize rescue operations and organized manpower to guard the second line of defense.

At the blocking site, you can see SAIC Hongyan heavy trucks loaded with stones shuttling between the Yunxi Daorenji Ferry Terminal and Shawo Terminal 24 hours a day, dumping truckloads of stones at the breach to help "close the gap". In addition, the truck drivers also transferred people from the threatened areas who needed to be evacuated urgently and delivered daily necessities to the affected people; they also cleaned up the slopes, roadbed collapse and earth and stone to ensure that in the shortest possible time, all administrative villages with unrepaired power facilities were connected to roads to provide transportation guarantees for emergency rescue. Next, Hongyan truck drivers will also participate in the local post-disaster reconstruction work to help the affected people resume normal life as soon as possible.

There is no shortage of brave men in the face of danger. Here we salute the truck drivers who go against the current! On various logistics channels, they are ordinary truck drivers who keep busy for a living. However, in the face of various disasters and dangers, they become unsung heroes, always rushing to the front line at the first time and doing their best to help with rescue. Responsibility and commitment are their basic qualities. I give them a thumbs up. 

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