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Light Truck Sales Up 15% YoY in April

Date:2020-05-19 Author:Daisy

In April, 213,000 Chinese light trucks were sold, up 15 percent year on year following a March that saw a significant decline of 22 percent. In the first three months, light truck sales volume has seen a year-on-year decline, falling 7 percent, 76 percent and 22 percent respectively affected by the virus outbreak. In the first four months, light trucks reported a year-on-year volume decline of 19 percent which declined 32 percent in Q1. A total of 548,100 light trucks were sold, the amount decreased by 128,700 units from a year earlier.
Top Ten Light-duty Truck Makers in April, 2020

It worths noting that all top 7 light truck makers have sales exceeding 10 thousand in April. Specifically, Foton saw its sales exceeding 40 thousand, Dongfeng and JAC more than 20 thousand, Chang’an and JMC more than 1.8 thousand. This month saw a tremendous boost in sales compared to March.

In terms of market share, Foton holds a lead with around 20.28 percent of market share, compared with something like 11.03 percent for Dongfeng, number two in market share.

In April alone, top 10 light truck makers in China have sold nearly 213,000 vehicles, which accounted for 84.32 percent of the total market share. Each of the top 8 truck maker reported a double digit increase. Jinbei saw the highest growth of 123 percent in sales volume.

Amid the epidemic, nearly every major brand saw a year-on-year decline in light truck sales for Q1. In April, light trucks saw an increase of 15 percent to more than 20 thousand, that’s fairly good sales results in the continuous positive global trend in preventing and controlling the epidemic.


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