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JMC’s Sales in Chile Increased by 300% YOY in 2021

Date:2021-12-22 Author:Alice

December 22, 2021, Chile, In 2021, JMC’s market share in Chile increased by 69% YOY and its sales in local market went up by 300% YOY. Chile became the largest export market of JMC.

JMC owns a professional team in Chile, who have been engaged in the automobile market for over 30 years with rich sales experience.

High-quality service and professional team earned lots of customers’ trust in Chile, including local government. In the beginning of 2020, Santiago government purchased 25 units Yuhu 5 for municipal patrol.

JMC, as a leader in light-duty truck industry, has passed Chile international certification in 2019 and become the first to introduce electric light-duty trucks to Chile, which filled the gap in new energy vehicle industry.

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