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Road-block removal truck market analysis from Jan to May 2022 in China

Date:2022-07-15 Author:Alice

Road-block removal trucks are special-purpose vehicles for clearing road obstacles and construction machinery, the sales of which has grown as the increase of China’s total highway mileage and automobile inventory.

From the perspective of the regional distribution of road-block removal truck, the sales of the vehicle from January to May 2022 are mainly in Hubei, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces, as well as Suizhou, Wuhan, Xingtai, Beijing, Shiyan and other cities. The sales volume in the top 10 provinces was 6,803 units, with a market share of 80.0%; the sales volume in the top 10 cities was 4,566 units, with a market share of 53.5%.

In terms of tonnage, from January to May 2022, the road-block removal truck market is dominated by light vehicles, with 6,932 units sold, accounting for 81.5% of the total. There were 6,629 units road-block removal trucks with a total mass of 4,495kg, accounting for 77.6% of the total.

In terms of chassis, 28 chassis manufacturers across the country provided road-block removal truck chassis, and the top four companies produced 5,976 units chassis, accounting for 70.0% of the total national sales. From the perspective of driving mode, the sales volume of 4×2 road-block removal truck was 8,191 units, accounting for 95.9% of the total.
Driving mode 4×2 4×4 6×2 6×4 8×4 10×4
Sales (units) 8191 170 93 43 39 4
Proportion(%) 95.9 2 1.1 0.5 0.4 0.1
From January to May 2022, 69 enterprises in 15 provinces and municipalities across the country produced and sold 8,540 units road-block removal trucks. Among them, 35 companies in Hubei Province produced and sold 6,167 units; 4 companies in Guangdong Province produced and sold 791 units; and 5 companies in Jiangsu Province produced and sold 550 units.
Province Provincial sales from Jan to May 2022 (unit) Company Company sales from Jan to May 2022 (unit)
Hubei 6167 Hubei CLW Group 1193
Guangdong 791 Guangdong Yuehai Motor Vehicle Co., Ltd. 722
Jiangsu 550 Jiangsu Zhongqi High-tech Co., Ltd. 417
Hebei 473 Hebei Anxin Special Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. 247
Sichuan 270 Chengdu Dayun Automobile Co., Ltd. 264
Shandong 83 Heze Grand Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. 59
Shanghai 57 SAIC MAXUS 57
Liaoning 33 Shenyang Mingchen Automobile Co., Ltd. 31
Henan 32 Henan Yixiang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. 32
Jiangxi 30 Jiangxi Jiangling Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. 30
Fujian 23 Sinotruk Fujian Haixi Truck Co., Ltd. 23
Anhui 18 Anhui Xingbang Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. 12
Beijing 11 Beijing Beizhong Motor Modification Co., Ltd. 7
Zhejiang 1 Hangzhou Zhongji Automobile Co., Ltd. 1
Yunnan 1 FAW-Hongta Yunnan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1

From January to May 2022, the number of production enterprises in the TOP3 provinces accounted for 63.8% of China, where the road-block removal trucks produced and sold accounted for 87.9% of the total. It can be seen that there are a large number of manufacturers in the TOP3 provinces, occupying an absolute share of the wrecker market.

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