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FAW Jiefang Continues to Lead in Production and Sales

Date:2024-06-26 Author:Olivia

FAW Jiefang recently released the production and sales data in the first five months of this year, the data show that from January to May, production and sales reached 120,000 and 131,800 respectively, an increase of 3.97% and 30.17%, and continue to lead the way with high-speed growth. Among them, sales of medium and heavy trucks reached 108,200 units, an increase of 25.59% year-on-year. in May, FAW Jiefang's market share reached 25.6%, ranking first in the industry for the consecutive period, and the market shares of tractor, truck and gas truck reached 28.3%, 29.1% and 30.9% respectively, topping the charts in their respective segments to maintain the lead.

Domestically, FAW Jiefang production system adhere to the excellence, scientific operation, high production period precision deployment, planning resources in advance, continue to optimise the process, strengthen the equipment security and risk management and control, to improve the comprehensive efficiency of production. in May, FAW Jiefang J7 Intelligent Factory 10,000 vehicles this year successfully rolled out of the line, compared with the 2023 five months ahead of the breakthrough in 10,000 vehicles. At the same time, FAW Jiefang held the inaugural meeting of Supply and Purchasing Department, officially opening the "big manufacturing" field of change; FAW Jiefang "You Da" network freight platform in the public test half a year ago, the turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, and stepped into the high-quality development of the "fast track". "Fast Track". In addition, the marketing system released multiple preferential policies, quickly pulling the incremental volume, Jinmeng, Anhui, Henan, Gan, Xiang and E and other 11 areas of the Department of terminal share to achieve positive growth.
Overseas, FAW Jiefang demonstrated its brand strength and vitality, taking users as the centre to create more excellent products and provide more heart-warming services for its global partners. in May, FAW Jiefang and CCCC Vehicle co-branded new products appeared in Beijing Commercial Vehicle Exhibition; it signed a memorandum of cooperation of 1,500 orders with Indonesian agents, head infrastructure and mining enterprises; and signed a large export order of 1,000 vehicles with Kenya. Large order. In recent years, FAW Jiefang actively accelerated the pace of internationalisation, accelerated the replacement and upgrading of overseas products, strengthened the operation capability of channels, enhanced the service guarantee capability, and laid a solid foundation for products, services, talents and channels. export volume from January to May increased by 49.3% year-on-year, of which the order volume and shipment volume of Latin America region increased by 160% year-on-year. The sales volume of Southeast Asia region increased by 105 per cent year-on-year.
Looking to the future, FAW Jiefang will seize the market opportunities, continue to develop the global market, strengthen the value service of the whole life cycle of the vehicle, and strive towards the goal of "China's first, the world's first-class", and run out of the high-quality development of "acceleration".

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