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The subsidiary of Zoomlion registers in South Africa

(, March 29, 2010) Registration procedure of Zoomlion’s subsidiary was approved by local government of South Africa on March 12, 2010, and it comes to the legal running stage after three-month preparation. 

South Africa is the most developed country in Africa at the present time, and it is also the transfer base of connecting the Eastern hemisphere and Western hemisphere. Therefore, registration of the subsidiary means that Zoomlion has made a big step in implementing the internationalized strategy and made a strong foundation of Zoomlion’s local development. 

The subsidiary select company location in Johannesburg and it is the economy center, and headquarter of the international engineering machinery, as well as the logistics base of South Africa. Besides that, the traffic in Johannesburg is very developed and many high press, and railways extent to each state in South Africa and every country in Africa. Zoomlion overseas company has developed South Africa agent here, which can help to enlarge market share and establish brand royalty.


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