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China heavy trucks industry faces adjustment 24,000 heavy trucks were sold in Jan. 2012, down 60%. In Feb., sales of Dongfeng etc. some companies increased slightly, but most China truck makers are facing declining sales volumes. 8,118 Sinotruk heavy trucks were sold in Feb., down 20%, and 10,500 Foton heavy trucks were sold, down 13.9%.

The GDP targets this year is 7.5%, and sales of China trucks will be greatly affected. Last year, MIIT and Ministry of Public Security issued a statement "Regarding the further improvement of large and medium sized commercial vehicle to enhance vehicle safety technology and registration management," which stated that heavy-duty dangerous good transportation vehicles that are over 12 tons should be equipped with a retarder or other auxiliary braking system." And this is a disaster for medium and small truck makers for they don't design for equipping ABS on the trucks.

The adjustment of China heavy truck industry is a necessity.

Sinotruk started to adjust their products since 2009, and they have purchased a series of joint-ventures and agriculture machine makers.

Sinotruk has released their light trucks recently.

Mergers and reorganization will be a trend for China truck industry in the following few years, and Sinotruk would like for the changes.



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