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Weichai ECU Launched in Small Quantities Recently high-pressure common-rail electronic control ECU starts its launching on the market in small quantities.

It is learned from Li Daming, director of Weichai Technology Center Electronic Control Department, that ECU is the brain of the whole engine if fuel system is the heart of the engine.

20 years’ development is the gap between our ECU and foreign ECU, which was seized by foreign Giants and made our equipment controlled by others for quite a long time. All the staff in Weichai hold a dream that is to build the best engine in the world. Technology innovation keeps the practical path towards the dream in the process of Landking to high-pressure common-rail ECU and National IV, V to VI standards.

Weichai annual technological investment is over 5% and brings in five of Thousand People Scheme. Global R&D network has covered ten places in five countries. The scale extension motivates brand extension, which shows that Weichai begins to take over global cities. By merging Baudouin of France, purchasing Ferretti of Italy, and merging KION of Germany and Lynd Hydraulic, Weichai opens the tunnel to the world.

Li Yunqiang, director of Weichai Technology Center, said that Weichai will take full advantage of global superior resources, support engine R&D and cooperate the business. Eventually, its goal is to realize the dream of building the best engine in the world.

In order to test and affirm engine data, testing team of Weichai goes to highland of 4,000 meters, hot area of over 40 degrees and cold regions of 40 degrees below zero to test. Total 170 persons of the team spend 9 years inspired by the dream of building the best engine of the world.

Domestic engine is always the weakness of China equipment manufacturing industry development. By virtue of continuous introduction of high-level talents, enhancing independent R&D capability and resolving problems in pursuit of world’s leading level, Weichai takes domestic engine to the global stage and walks towards its dream of the best engine in the world.


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