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China Auto Parts Export Report Jan - June 2013 China auto parts export was sluggish in the first half year, but the sales in China is rather good, which can be attributed to the unexpected sales surging in China markets. The sales growth of passengers are always higher than the wholesales volumes, and the distributors inventory is also rather low. 

The customers from third and fourth tier cities are showing great needs for cars, and the upcoming “three guarantees” (for repairreplacement or compensation of faulty products) will aslo stimulates needs for auto parts, we can see the after sales markets for auto market are rather optimistic. 

The “three guarantees” warrenty will be carried out from Oct. 1, and it rules clear and accurate regulations for auto parts. And the policy is favorable for auto parts manufacturers with reliable products and it is also a challenge for less competitive part makers. 

The key for China parts makers are to improve quality and be higher in the produciton line. 


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