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Sany Launches LNG Mixer Trucks, Likely to Promote Profits Sany launches a new model of LNG environmental mixer trucks recently, powered by new energy instead of conventional diesel fuel, brining a shining point in the engineering mechanic market, possibly to be the new profit growing point.

LNG mixer trucks are promoted products with priority by Sany this year, attracting attention since their formal launching in this May. The launching press release swept Guangdong, Shandong and Anhui, 37 conferences in total. According to the related data, almost 300 units were purchased in Shenzhen, 60 units in Shandong and 30 units in Anhui, a large quantity of LNG mixer trucks were delivered to customers on each release.

Dating back to 2011, this builder has confirmed LNG new energy products as the future market direction, starting its product development and research. In Sep.2012, the first LNG mixer truck rolled off the production line and spent more than one year to conduct technologically upgrading and then finally launched to the market. Sany LNG mixer trucks adopt the gas cylinders with the biggest size among the domestic trucks with the same capacity, the best performance of vacuum insulation in China, supporting the fuel cost saving of 30%-35% compared with the diesel mixer trucks at the same power range per kilogram. Based on the innovation and technology accumulation, Sany leads the industry to issue the first LNG grab excavator and the first forklift.


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