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Sany LNG Mixer Trucks Highlight Foshan City In Dec.2014, Foshan City Communications and Transportation Association and Foshan Auto Gas Company jointly held “Energy-saving, Emission-reducing and Green Traffic”, namely, the promotional event of gas for vehicles, where Sany mixer trucks powered by gas showed.

Sany gas mixer trucks arouse great attention of visitors for advantages and good performance. Some customers expressed that it is just the reason why he came to attend this activity. Since the beginning of this year, the promotion of gas mixer trucks is big event for this builder, calling for energy conservation, energy saving and environment protection.

During one year, the relevant promotional events carried on in Guangdong Province in succession, covering more than ten cities, around one thousand participants referred, in particular, some hundreds of visitors participating into the signing sales ceremony in Shenzhen. All those activities refresh newly engineering machinery industry, which will further contribute to the demonstration base of mechanic products for environment protection in China.


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