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SANY Mixer Trucks Deliver in Chongqing The delivery ceremony of 100 units of new mixer trucks was held on 16 June this year, which were produced by SANY Group for Chongqing Sifang Concrete Company and Sheng Hua, deputy general manager of SANY Group attended it.

Annual output capacity of Chongqing Sifang Concrete Company with eight lines will come to 6 million cubic meters after its founding, making a new record in Chongqing for the scale of the unit. As the VIP customer of SANY Group, it remains long-term cooperation with the supplier and these new 100 units further bring the brilliance for the both parties.

Manager Sheng claimed, “We promise we make 360 degree all-around cleaning before our delivery and the equipments are transferred to Sifang in zero defaults and failure.” The producer especially offers the perfect delivery with the assurance of “one promise and five undertakings”, planning to promote complete sales for the clients nationwide.

In addition, the independently developed SANY LNG mixer trucks will launch Chongqing market in recent two months and the purchasing intent of 50 units has reached with China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Co.,Ltd. Actually, LNG mixer trucks attain the advantages of fuel economy, light noise and environmental than the diesel trucks during the operation.

SANY Group is a global company in the construction machinery industry with a vast product range of concrete machinery, excavator, hoisting machinery, pile driving machinery, road construction machinery, port machinery, and wind turbine.


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