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Linglong Tire Highlight Germany Essen Tire Show The 28th Essen Tire Show is held in Essen International Exhibition Center from May 27 to 30 this year, and Ling Long Tire brought new products to show.

Germany Essen Tire Show is held every two years and it is the biggest tire related exhibition in the world. With the world tire industry development, it is wind indicator of world tire industry. There are nearly 650 tire companies from 44 countries and regions including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Danmark, France, England, India and Japan etc. And there are 19,000 experts visitors to join the show, and the world top 20 tire makers joining the show. 


Linglong showed 12 special tire products during the show, including GREEN-Max4X4HP, R701, LR650, LTL812, LTL811, LDL831 and winter GREEN-Max Winter series tires to let the visitors to know about the tires directly. And many visitors are interested in the newly launched R701 tire for tractors, LR650 tire for agricultural vehicles, LDL831 tire for trucks and some tires used in winter.

Linglong Tire set up thanksgiving banquet for the honored guests and the GM Wangfeng and deputy GM Wang Guomei introduced new products development and development strategy, brand and marketing strategy and their ongoing project in Thailand and new logo and showed the latest video to get the customers to know more about Linglong tire around the world.


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